VIDON & Partners IP LAW GROUP is a leading international IP law group, headquartered in France, which is exclusively specialized in Intellectual Property. The group benefits from the experience of around 110 employees distributed in 7 offices, among which 25 registered IP attorneys. The group has entered the Chinese market in 2005 in order to respond to a growing demand of our European clients to be assisted in what was then seen as a challenging and unreliable IP system. During the last 7 years, we have developed our understanding of the Chinese IP system so that we are now aware of its specificity and able to solve most of the IP problems that may rise in this fast-growing country.

More than any other, the Chinese market has become a highly competitive environment in which both counterfeiters who do not respect any IP right and dreadful rivals perfectly aware of the IP regulation in force play remarkably well the chess game of IP. It is therefore imperative for those hoping to break into the Chinese market to equip themselves with detailed strategies of protection and promotion of their intangible assets. IP should be considered as an essential element of all commercial strategies in China and companies shall integrate this factor both in their commercial approaches and budget forecast.

Our Shanghai office relies on Chinese and French highly qualified Patent Attorneys, Lawyers and Engineers issued from a diversity of scientific/legal backgrounds, and mastering different languages (French, English, Cantonese, Mandarin, German and Spanish).

With Offices in France, Germany, Thailand, and China, Vidon & Partners has a global presence in key markets. All our offices are equipped with the latest technologies in term of Visio conference systems, internal networks and secured storage equipments; are managed by multi-lingual post-graduated experienced attorneys, enabling us to resolve the most demanding and complex IP issues.

Patrice Vidon

Vidon & Partners China Managing Director